Outback Wildflowers

Desert rainbows

After the outback Flinders Ranges landscape is hit with rain, the plains, gullies and rugged mountains turn to flower. In spring, the iconic brown, grey and orange colours of the Flinders Ranges are splashed with bright reds, purples, yellows and white.

Wildflowers, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
With all the colours of the rainbow decorating the panorama, these native plants and wildflowers rejuvenate the landscape as well as your senses. Whether you're after inspiration or a glimpse of a rare species, the Flinders Ranges will delight you.

Drive yourself or take a tour

Travel through the Flinders Ranges region and watch the roadside and open plains for thriving native flowers. For a bird's eye view, take a flight across this vast landscape to see nature's palette in full bloom. Join a guided 4WD tour and relax in the back seat as you discover or revisit the iconic Flinders Ranges, with an added splash of colour.

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